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Verticals/ Components

Eco Restoration

Eco-Restoration (ER) aims to revitalize ecosystems through measures such as rehabilitating degraded forests, cultivating Non-Timber Forest Products, conserving biodiversity, and engaging in diverse eco-restoration activities for holistic environmental rejuvenation.

Livelihood Improvement

Livelihood Improvement and Community Development aims to enhance community well-being through initiatives such as community mobilization, microplanning, health improvement, livelihood diversification, and sustainable eco-tourism, fostering comprehensive local development.

Support Activities

Other Support Activities encompasses logistical preparation, capacity building for executing agencies and village-level institutions, applied research, publicity efforts, and a robust monitoring and evaluation framework, ensuring effective implementation and sustainability of the overall program.

Disaster Mitigation

Erosion Control and Sediment Disaster Mitigation focuses on preventing and mitigating erosion-related disasters through slope stabilization, river training, and the construction of emergency shelters. Additionally, it includes international training on disaster management to enhance preparedness and response capabilities.