Support Activities

Other Support Activities plays a pivotal role in providing essential backing for the successful implementation of the broader environmental conservation and community development initiative. This component encompasses various key aspects, including logistical and manpower support for the Project Management Unit (PMU), Divisional Management Units (DMUs), Forest Management Units (FMUs), Village Panchayats (VPs), and the Geographic Information System (GIS).

Under this component, a comprehensive GIS-MIS planning and monitoring platform has been established, facilitating efficient tracking and management of activities across the 13 Divisional Management Units. This platform not only ensures seamless coordination but also enhances transparency and accountability in project execution. Specialist manpower support is also provided to develop and maintain GIS and MIS operations, ensuring the effective utilization of geospatial data for informed decision-making.

Moreover, Component 3 takes charge of capacity building initiatives for the executing agencies, offering training programs for the PMU, DMU, and FMU. Village-level institutions, particularly Self-Help Groups (SHGs), benefit from training and exposure visits, fostering their ability to actively participate in and contribute to the project’s objectives.

This component also undertakes the responsibility of developing publicity materials and literature related to the project. By actively engaging in the creation of informative content, it aims to raise awareness and garner support for the initiative. Additionally, applied research activities are conducted under this component to contribute valuable insights and knowledge that can further inform and refine the project’s strategies.

A notable achievement under Component 3 is the development of a robust Management Information System (MIS) platform. This platform serves as a central hub for monitoring and managing the diverse activities undertaken across different components of the project. Through effective data integration and analysis, the MIS platform enhances decision-making processes and facilitates real-time updates on project progress. Overall, Component 3 plays a vital role in fortifying the foundation of the entire project, ensuring that it operates cohesively and achieves its environmental and community development objectives.