Climate Change Adaptation through Sustainable Forest and Watershed Management

Date: 10- 12 January, 2024

On-the-Job trainings offered to the direct project counterparts officials who work with JICA experts for project management or activities


Dr. Koko Rose, Deputy Project Director gave a detailed presentation project outline of UK Forest Resource Management Project (JICA’s ODA Loan) its project period, goal and purpose, project management modality and thematic areas.

Similarly, Yasuo Iijima, Chief Advisor Project for Natural Disaster Management in Forest Areas in Uttarakhand (JICA’s TCP) also prese

nted about project background, overall goal, project purpose, outputs, key activities and

¬†implementation structure of JICA’s technical cooperation project.

Vijay Kumar, Chief Project Director and Inagaki Yukari, Project Formulation Advisor, JICA India Office also addressed the paticipants.


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