Livelihood Improvement

Livelihood Improvement related activities aim at improvement of basic human needs, Community Development Activities (CDAs) and Income Generation Activities (IGAs). Under CDA, activities are taken up aiming at community mobilization for creation of small community infrastructure having potential for enhancing incomes of local forest dependent people on a sustainable basis.

VPs will be provided with a revolving fund under the Project to provide small loans for IGAs to be executed through SHGs along with required facilitation to enhance their capacities and develop linkages for micro credit from banks and other financial institutions. Focus would be on making SHGs self-reliant through various need-based support and evolving strategies as the Project progresses. Two SHGs will be supported at each village level.

NTFP Development

Uttarakhand has rightly been declared as ÔÇśHerbal StateÔÇÖ. Ayurveda is integral to the culture of the state since times immemorial. Blessed with 65 % area


Walnut Development

Walnut (Juglans regia), belonging to family Juglandaceae, is one of the important temperate nut fruits of India. Two most common walnut species cultivated are the