­čî┐Havepure ┬áInitiative

HavePure is a brand developed and promoted under UFRMP, it would be seen as a successful implementation of the project’s goals. The initiative aims to bring Uttarakhand’s rich farm produce to consumers, showcasing the region’s agricultural and natural resources. If HavePure effectively represents these values and delivers on the promise of offering high-quality products with a connection to Uttarakhand’s unique heritage and landscapes, UFRMP would likely endorse and support the brand. The emphasis on “earthy opulence” and the “timeless Himalayan spirit” in the description suggests an intent to capture the essence of the region, which aligns with the goals of UFRMP.

UFRMP would likely view HavePure as not only a successful brand promoting Uttarakhand’s agricultural produce but also as a socially responsible initiative. By providing integral support to over 1500 Self-Help Groups (SHGs) involving more than 15000 women farmers, HavePure demonstrates a commitment to improving the livelihoods of those living in challenging terrains. The focus on every aspect of the supply chain, including collection, value addition, and marketing, suggests a holistic approach to agricultural development.

Moreover, the fact that HavePure operates as a non-profit initiative and passes on the entire profit-share to farmers and their cooperatives aligns with the broader goals of UFRMP. This kind of ethical business model reflects positively on HavePure, showcasing a genuine dedication to the well-being of the farmers and the communities involved. UFRMP, being a tripartite agreement involving the Government of India, Japan, and Uttarakhand, is likely to appreciate and support initiatives that contribute not only to economic development but also to social welfare in the region.


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