All the field interventions are based on comprehensive micro plans, prepared through a process of participatory planning approach. Need-based and site-specific comprehensive micro plans are being prepared at the very onset of the process through Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) technique.

Various community development and livelihood improvement activities that can be taken up for alleviating the sufferings of the stakeholders and for overall integrated development of the village will are also a part of micro planning process.

Interventions are to be planned and implemented by VPs, selected based on selection criteria and in clusters in micro watersheds. VPs falling in one cluster have their own site-specific comprehensive micro plans. Micro-planning process is facilitated by Forest Department (FD) and FNGO teams engaged at FMU level. In Reserve Forest (RF) areas, where it is not possible for VPs to carry out Project interventions, the works is to be executed through FD.