Project Targets

Eco-restoration, Livelihood Improvement
and Community Developments & Other
Support Activities (Component 1 to 3):
9 districts (13 forest divisions)
Erosion Control and Sediment Disaster
Mitigation (Component 4):
5 districts (6 Forest Divisions)
Rehabilitation of Degraded Forests: 37,500ha
(ER Model 1-20000ha, ER Model 2-8500ha, ER Model 3-9000ha)
NTFP Plantation: 500ha
Bio-diversity Conservation &
Wildlife Management:
Sacred Groves: 13
People’s Bio-diversity Registers: 13
Quick Response Team: 1
Primary Response Teams: 20
Capacity Building and Awareness
about Man-Animal Conflict:
20 Villages
Other Eco-Restoration Activities: Development of Model Departmental Nurseries: 13
Community Development Activities: Number of VPs: 750
Number of SHGs: 1500