Project Management Consultancy(PMC)

A Technical group, consisting of international and national level specialists on Community Based Sustainable Forest Management, Livelihood development & Income Generating Activities, Development of Marketing of NTFP & Non-NTFP sector products, Ecotourism, REDD plus and GIS/MIS assists PMU, DMU, FMU, and all the stakeholders of the Project in technical aspects and for developing innovative ideas and concepts for effective implementation of the Project. The scope of the consulting services(not exhaustive) is:

  1. Assisting PMU in;
    • Pursuing effective and efficient Project Management;
    • Supervision of field NGOs, MIS software development conractor, GIS database development & surveying, socio-economic survey
    • Establishment of an effective M&E mechanism
    • Establishing & ope-rationalizing National Central of Excellence(NCE) [Only Professional]
  2. Preparation, Review and revision, if necessary, of technical documents including guidelines and manuals as required.
  3. Reviewing, analyzing and recommending improvements in existing policies and guidelines
  4. Designing training programs and imparting training through its resource persons upon request from PMU
  5. Identification of instruction for international and national training/study tours.