Project Management Unit(PMU)

PMU is headed by the Chief Project Director, who is responsible for the project’s overall execution.

    • To head the PMU at State level and also the CEO of the Society.
    • To Supervise and review the progress of Project Implementation.
    • Allocation of duties within the PMU.
    • Appraise the HPC and EC on Project progress.
    • To Liaise with UKFD, Govt. of India, Governament of Uttarakhand and JICA.
    • Liaison with different Line Departments of Uttarakhand for convergence. Represent the Project within and outside the State.

    The Chief Project Director is supported in the project’s execution by project Director and Deputy Project Director their main responsibilities:

  1. Aid and assist to Chief Project Director in all the activities related to forest development component and Van Panchayats (VPs).
  2. Preparation of M&E guidelines and various Project implementation manuals related to forestry.
  3. Review and consolidate APOs and casting of budgetary provisions.
  4. Consolidate progress reports, submitted by FMUs (physical & financial).
  5. Help in establishing GIS/MIS data base & thematic maps required for Project implementation and monitoring and Assessing training needs in the forestry sector.
  6. Liaise with district administration and facilitate timely elections of Van Panchayats and Conflict resolution within VPS and VPs vs. Gram Panchayats (GPs)
  7. Mobilization of VPS with respect to identified Project activities.
  8. The PMU is currently collaborating with consultants for information on micro watersheds, livelihoods, and forestry interventions. The Consultant has more than three decades of sector experience and is a subject matter expert. The PMU consults subject matter experts/consultants with regard to the various elements necessary for the effective execution of the term.