Uttarakhand has rightly been declared as ‘Herbal State’. Ayurveda is integral to the culture of the state since times immemorial. Blessed with 65 % area designated as forests and 12 % area of it under PA network, the possibilities in MAP sector are immense. The state harbors the premier Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve, a world heritage site and repository of rare and endangered MAPs. The climatic diversity ranging from sub-tropical to alpine is very favorable to the growth of a variety of MAPs. Almost 50 % of MAPs found in Uttarakhand are used traditionally in AYUSH systems in the country. Haridwar, Ramnagar, Tanakpur, Rishikesh are important traditional Mandis of MAPs. Thus, MAPs have potential to be important driver for livelihoods for the village community. Forest Department has crucial role to play in the development of this sector. UFRMP has taken up development of MAPs in selected forest areas and Van Panchayats with an objectives to provide alternative livelihoods and to generate employment.

In 2017-18, MAPs plantations have been carried out in 70 ha. Mussoorie, Kedarnath and Rudraprayag Forest Divisions have been taken up for this activity which is in a nascent stage at present. Details are as follows-

Forest Division Location of MAP Plantation Area (ha) Main species planted
Mussoorie FD Almus-2 10.00 Cinnamomum tamala and Zanthoxylum alatum
Kedarnath FD Devar VP 20.00 Cinnamomum tamala, Zanthoxylum alatum, Myrica nagi etc.
Ushada VP 20.00 Taxus baccata, Rhododendron arboreum, Myrica nagi etc
Rudraprayag FD Devar VP 20.00 Zanthoxylum alatum, Taxus baccata, Rhododendron arboreum etc.
Total 70.00