A web based MIS software has been developed by PMU named FiMS, which stands for Forest Information and Monitoring System. This MIS application captures the progress and achievements of physical and financial activities. It has been planned till Range level from where the data are integrated upwards. This data capturing process is done at Van Panchayat and SHG level using paper-based formats.

The MIS application is accessible at FMU, DMU and PMU levels.


Presently, the MIS application is capturing the data and generating reports of all three components:

1.  Eco-Restoration
2. Livelihood Improvement
3. Other Support Activities

Main Functions of FiMS
 Record keeping of all the information related to the activities

 Data entry of current physical and financial activities related to Eco-restoration component.

 Document management system

 Training management system

 Profiling of Van Panchayat and Self Help Groups

 Nursery Management

 Plantation Journal

 Details of SHGs and IGAs

 Details of Human Resources

 Real time monitoring of project

 Real time customized reports