UFRMP has adopted use of GIS, Remote Sensing and Differential GPS for mapping forest areas allocated to Van Panchayats (VPs) and preparation of different thematic maps for planning, monitoring and evaluations of the forestry interventions.

Integration of these GIS data in respect of VPs and their corresponding treatment areas with other spatial information of the Forest Division such as management areas, protected areas, administrative jurisdictions, forest cover maps, location of forest infrastructure, forest fire locations, forest offence locations, disaster prone areas, watersheds, forest fringe settlements, diverted areas, and general topographic references shall assist in evaluation, monitoring and reporting of project interventions, better decision-making and capacity enhancement of the Forest Department.

The comprehensive geo-database generated in the process shall be utilized to facilitate the following project-related activities through development of customized Web enabled GIS:

  • Project Impact Monitoring
  • Evaluation of Project Interventions
  • Monitoring of Treatments
  • Satellite-based Forest Land Management
  • Forest Fire Management
  • Disaster Management