Project components include forestry works, livelihood interventions, and income generating activities. These interventions would be implemented by VPs with Uttarakhand Forest Department (UKFD) providing the necessary facilitation support. Treatment of landslides and reconstruction of damaged forest roads in disaster affected forest areas will be executed by the forest department.
  • Sub-comonent 1.1:Rehabilitation of Degraded Forest
    • ER Model 1-20000ha
    • ER Model 2-8500ha
    • ER Model 3-9000ha
  • Sub-component 1.2 NTFP Plantation -500 ha
  • Sub-component 1.3 Bio-diversity Conservation and Widdlife Management
  • Sub-component 1.3 Other Eco-restoration Activies
  • Sub-component 2.1: Community Mobilization and Microplanning
  • Sub-component 2.2: Entry Point Activities (EPA)/BHN Imprvement
  • Sub-component 2.3: NTFP Enterprise Development and Livelihood
  • Sub-component 2.4: Community Based Ecootourism
  • Sub-component 2.5: Non-NTEP Based Livelhood Improvement
  • Sub-comonent 3.1:Preparatory Works
    • Logistic Support to PMU/DMUs/FMUs/Vps/GIS
  • Sub-comonent 3.2:Capacity Building of Executing Agencies
    • Training for PMU/DMU/FMU
  • Sub-comonent 3.3:Capacity Building of Village Level Institutions
    • SHGs Training & Exposure Visits
  • Sub-comonent 3.4:Applied Research and Publicity
  • Sub-comonent 3.5:Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Sub-component 4.1: Slope Stabilization & River Trainning
  • Sub-component 4.2: Construction of Emergency Shelters
  • Sub-component 4.3: Distribution of Emergency Kits
  • Sub-component 4.4: Overseas Training on Disaster


Resource Management Society

The Project is being implemented in Society mode. Uttarakhand Forest Resource Management Society (UFRMS), an autonomous Society has been constituted under Society Registration Act 1860.


Livelihood related activities would aim at improvement of Basic Human Needs (BHNs), Community Development Activities (CDAs) and Income Generation Activities (IGAs).

Sediment Disaster Management

Out of the total Project cost of Rs.807 crore, Rs.150 crore has been earmarked for disaster management component.

Launching of the Project

The Project activities have now started in the field (VPs) in 2015-16. All the preparatory activities,